Akrivis Co-Hosts Abu Dhabi Compliance Seminar With Al Tamimi & Co. Law Firm

Akrivis Law Group, PLLC co-hosted a successful seminar in Abu Dhabi on February 10, 2015 with the Dubai-based Al Tamimi & Co. law firm titled Economic Sanctions on Iran and Anti-Corruption Regulations / US and UAE Perspectives. The event, hosted at the landmark Jumeirah Hotel at Etihad Towers, was led by Akrivis Managing Partner Farhad Alavi and Al Tamimi Financial Crime Practice Partner Ibtissam Lassoued. Attendees included high-ranking ministry personnel, officials from major sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) and major international and UAE businesses in industries such as banking, engineering, and oil & gas.

“Our decision to host this event in Abu Dhabi was driven by the rapidly increasing interest in these very salient topics not just in Dubai but throughout the UAE and the broader Persian Gulf region.” stated Farhad Alavi.  This year’s event built on a similar seminar, also co-hosted with Al Tamimi, which was held at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Ritz-Carlton Hotel last year.

Akrivis Law Group, PLLC is a boutique firm based in Washington, DC focusing on trade compliance, international business, corporate matters and litigation.  Al Tamimi & Co. is a full service law firm based in Dubai, UAE and has over 270 lawyers in seven countries.

For more information contact Farhad Alavi at falavi@akrivislaw.com or (202)686-4859.

 Abu Dhabi Event  Abu Dhabi Event
 Abu Dhabi Event  Abu Dhabi Event
 Abu Dhabi Event  Akrivis Law Group, PLLC - Al Tamimi & Co. Event - Abu Dhabi


 Abu Dhabi Event  Abu Dhabi Event
 Abu Dhabi Event  Akrivis Law Group event with Al Tamimi & Co.