About Us

\ Ak-ri-vis \

A commitment to provide the highest quality legal expertise, personalized service, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to clients around the world.  The word Akrivis means “precise” in Greek, and precision lies as the cornerstone of our practice, focus, and attention to clients.

Offering an Experience that Combines Major Law Firm Sophistication with a Focus on Clients.

Opening its doors to clients in 2013, Akrivis is a boutique law firm focusing on White Collar & Corporate Investigations & Defense, Sanctions, Export Controls & Trade Regulation, Banking & Finance, and International Business Transactions.   Our senior attorneys come with years of experience from some of the world’s largest global law firms, bringing an invaluable knowledge base gained from advising major clients on sophisticated, often high-profile matters, but with an eye to working in a manner responsive to our clients’ needs – efficiently and effectively, serving clients who value knowledge, efficiency, and obtaining outcomes over firm size.

Accessible and Familiar with a Global Reach

Akrivis represents clients from around the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Australasia.  Our impact far outweighs our size, with Akrivis being known as a “go-to” firm in our key practice areas.  Our name frequently appears in international media as a trusted, globally recognized authority on these issues and more importantly, clients rely on us for sensitive defense and compliance-oriented advice.

Outcome-Driven Approaches Grounded in Subject Matter Knowledge & Expertise

We understand and approach our practice areas with a deep knowledge base in the underlying subject matter and a precision that is difficult to rival.  Companies and individuals come to Akrivis if they value subject matter expertise in our niche core competencies.  We do not adopt generic, one-sized-fits-all approaches in advising on complex matters.  Importantly, these practice areas tend to be ones where reasoning, approaches, and decisions by federal agencies and courts are seldom fully released to the public, making our experience base particularly invaluable to our clients.

Beyond our legal subject-matter knowledge, Akrivis clients also benefit from the immense added value of our experience and expertise from working in the international arena.  All of our senior lawyers have experience overseas and most are multilingual, affording us a very solid understanding of various industries & sectors, certain countries & regions’ economies, and business cultures, providing clients with an extra edge.  These extra edges often serving as determining factors in formulating defenses and providing solutions that are actually usable in real life, not just in theory.

Most importantly, Akrivis focuses on reaching solutions and outcomes.  We establish and work towards end-goals early on, rather than focusing on complicating matters.  Akrivis considers wins for our clients to also be wins for us, not just fee-generating exercises.  We consider ourselves full, actual stakeholders in our matters rather than merely our clients’ agents.

Leveraging Experience and Knowledge to Keep Legal Costs Manageable

Having experience in a subject area helps you keep costs under control.  We look to create long-lasting ties and bill our clients in a value-driven manner, focusing not only on keeping rates manageable, but also on being work volume efficient.  We have few layers internally and are able to draw on world-class experts from around the globe as required, leveraging both our vast network and technology-driven solutions.  This keeps overhead low and allows us to bill clients efficiently.