One of the greatest challenges today facing businesses large and small in the age of the Covid19 pandemic, is handling ongoing financial commitments –  such as debt or real estate obligations — that are becoming increasingly problematic in this uncertain business environment.

This is a shared problem for tenants and landlords, for lenders and borrowers – a problem that is best resolved by working together with all parties to develop rational and sustainable solutions appealing to all sides with minimal to no business interruption and minimized costs.

We focus on helping firms restructure obligations – real estate agreements and debt. Our general strategy is to negotiate with an eye to avoiding formal dispute resolution, like arbitration or litigation, which can be costly and time consuming. Whether debt is within the United States or with or between foreign counterparties, we work for results that represent the best resolution for all parties so that relationships can remain intact and that solutions serve clients for years to come, with an emphasis on loss reduction and business continuity. Additionally, we can advise on preventative measures aimed at minimizing loss in future force majeure events.

Our restructuring practice is led by Michael Lyon,  who served as Special Assistant to Chairman William Seidman at the FDIC and RTS during the savings and loan (S&L) crisis, and then as General Counsel for one of the U.S.’ largest workout companies , managing billions of dollars of troubled debt.  He also managed the debt restructuring for private clients involving dozens of restructurings and a billion dollars of obligations.

We will be happy to discuss your needs and help work to find you solutions.

For more information, contact Farhad Alavi at or (202) 686-4859 or Michael Lyon at at (202) 415-1819.