\ ÁK-ri-vis \ (Greek Origin): precise

A commitment to providing the highest quality legal expertise, bespoke service, and efficiency to demanding clients around the world.  Akrivis means “precise” in Greek, and precision and excellence serve as the cornerstones of our practice

A Client-Centric Experience with Global Law Firm Sophistication

Opening its doors in Washington, DC to clients in 2013, Akrivis is a boutique law firm focusing on Sanctions, Export Controls & Customs Compliance, White Collar Defense, Dispute Resolution, and Cross-Border Transactions.  Akrivis has traditionally attracted clients who understand and appreciate the sophistication and complexity of their matters and value our subject-matter expertise and outcome-driven approaches, whether it is for ongoing advice or representation in high-stakes defense.   Over the years, Akrivis has grown to represent and advise clients from around the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa.  This global reputation means our impact far outweighs our size and underscores our position as a “go-to” firm in key areas of international trade, be it in compliance or civil and criminal (white-collar) enforcement.

Our senior attorneys bring years of experience including from some of the world’s premier law firms, and some have worked in senior legal positions in the federal government.  They offer an invaluable knowledge base and insights gained from advising major clients on complex and often high-profile matters, and are supported by talented, well-trained, and ambitious junior team members who bring diverse perspectives and skills. Nearly all team members have worked and/or studied abroad and are multilingual. We leverage these rich experiences, skills, as well as our extensive technological resources, with an eye to handling our clients’ needs responsively, effectively, and efficiently.

Accessible and Familiar with a Global Perspective & Reach

We are regularly engaged by clients with sophisticated challenges, be they NYSE and FTSE-listed businesses, major middle-market players with large global footprints, or high net worth individuals with complex needs.  We frequently appear in international media as a trusted, globally recognized authority on these issues. 

Outcome-Driven Approaches Grounded in Subject Matter Knowledge & Expertise

We view ourselves not only as our clients’ advocate, but also as a stakeholder in their matters.  We approach our engagements with subject matter expertise and precision that is difficult to rival.  Importantly, a significant part of Akrivis’ practice is in areas where the reasoning, approaches, and decisions of federal agencies and courts are seldom fully open to the public, making our experience particularly valuable to our clients.  This outcome-driven approach means we work towards end-goals from the onset.