Representative Matters

From major multinational corporations to high-tech and global trade startups, high net worth individuals and non-profit entities, Akrivis Law Group, PLLC represents a wide range of clients globally with sophisticated legal needs.

The following is a representative list of Compliance, White Collar Criminal Defense / Sanctions Compliance, OFAC & BIS Licensing, and Corporate & Taxation matters on which we are assisting or have assisted our clients:

Compliance & Advisory

  • Developing a ground-up compliance program for a major U.S. based international retailer, including managing risk of past activities
  • Advise a major northern European multinational heavy industries group on U.S. sanctions laws with respect to Iran, Russia, and Cuba
  • Counsel a major Asian financial institution on U.S. sanctions compliance issues.
  • Advise U.S. company on OFAC compliance on divestiture of asset-backed securities in Crimea
  • Advising companies in Pakistan and Singapore on removal from the BIS Entity List
  • Advise U.S. corporations on reducing the risk of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) liability in the Middle East and India
  • Counsel a United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based multinational with operations throughout the Middle East on the possible impact of FCPA liability
  • Advise a public U.S. corporation on lawful technology exports to Iran
  • Counsel a west coast-based telecommunications company having global reach on U.S. sanctions regulations
  • Advise a major Saudi Arabian food & beverage manufacturer on the impact of U.S. sanctions laws on its overseas operations
  • Counsel a public U.S. corporation on banking issues related to lawful exports to Sudan
  • Devise a sophisticated trade compliance program for a U.S.-based multinational manufacturing company
  • Collaborate with a major multinational investigations company to assist a U.S. exporter in bank-mandated due diligence on a potential counterparty in Gambia

White Collar Criminal Defense / Sanctions Compliance, & Litigation

  • Represent targets of criminal investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice in Pennsylvania (U.S. v. Hetran, Inc. and U.S. v. Oertmann) for alleged U.S. sanctions violations per the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), securing an exceptionally favorable outcome
  • Cleared client (U.S. national) in a grand jury investigation by the Office of the U.S. Attorney (Southern District of New York) involving an extradited target indicted for alleged violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran
  • Provide advice on a wide range of sanctions issues ranging from applications for specific licenses in connection with transactions in or relating to Iran to responding to Administrative Subpoenas issued by OFAC relating to potential violations of U.S. sanctions regulation
  • Represent foreign clients on INTERPOL list before National Security Council, Department of Justice, and Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) on criminal and civil charges for alleged violations of sanctions against Iran
  • Federal appeal of complex civil matter involving the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) fines under constitutional law and the Administrative Procedure Act and matters of first impression
  • Complex data privacy litigation and appeals involving major bank, state, and federal laws
  • Review and develop HIPAA HITECH compliance program for large defense contractor
  • Assist a U.S. corporate client in gathering due diligence for debt collection against counterparties in Angola

OFAC & BIS Licensing

  • Obtain specific licensing from OFAC enabling a U.S.-based corporate client to export sophisticated medical equipment and supplies to Iran
  • Obtain BIS licensing to export an EAR-controlled good to Pakistan
  • Obtain authorization from OFAC for a North American company and U.S. persons affiliated with it to recruit and hire services in Iran for polling and research purposes
  • Represent a high profile team of U.S. nationals in obtaining OFAC authorization to travel to Cuba for high level professional meetings aimed at building civil society, as well as BIS authorization to fly to Cuba on private aircraft
  • Advise on submission made to U.S. Treasury Department regarding indirect U.S. divestment by a hedge fund from a designated North Korean entity
  • Obtain OFAC license to release substantial funds erroneously blocked by a major international bank due to a “false positive” hit on the SDN list
  • Obtain OFAC licenses to release funds blocked due to involvement of a formerly designated bank and the Government of Iran

Corporate & Taxation

  • Draft agency contracts for foreign representatives of U.S. company
  • Counsel a foreign-based client on renouncing U.S. nationality.
  • Advise a U.S. importer of exclusive housewares on agreements with vendors in Europe and Asia
  • Counsel U.S. client on joint venture with European entities for a specialized tertiary care medical center in Dubai
  • Advise individual clients on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) matters
  • Advise a U.S. exporter on debt recovery in Angola
  • Set-up entities in the United States
  • Advised British corporation on tax ramifications of entry in to the United States
  • Obtained U.S. employment-based visas for employees of European companies
  • Advise corporate clients on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and comparative international tax analyses