Compliance & Advisory

Counsel a major Indian financial institution’s operations in three countries on U.S. sanctions compliance issues

Advise a Japanese technology manufacturer on the revised BIS “Direct Product Rule” regarding U.S. export controls restrictions applicable to Huawei entities.

Develop a trade compliance program for a major global retail chain with over $1 billion annual revenue from the ground up

Counsel a U.S.-based telecommunications operator on U.S. sanctions regulations

Advise U.S. corporations on reducing the risk of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) liability in the Middle East and India

Advise a major Middle Eastern food & beverage producer on the impact of U.S. sanctions laws on its overseas operations

Collaborate with a major multinational investigations firm to assist a U.S. exporter in bank-mandated due diligence on potential African counterparty

Trade Enforcement & Funds Transfer Issues

Akrivis Law Group Trade Compliance

Represent clients on responses to OFAC Administrative Subpoenas relating to potential violations

Secure delisting of a major distributor of western & Japanese industrial equipment in Pakistan from the U.S. BIS Entity List

Represent a U.S. garment importer before Customs & Border Protection (CBP) on detentions made pursuant to the new Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) Withhold Release Order (WRO) on cotton and tomato products.

Advise companies in Russia and the UAE facing difficulties processing lawful U.S. Dollar transfers through international financial institutions

Represent clients before screening and due diligence solutions companies (e.g., Refinitiv) to revise outdated and/or inaccurate database entries

International Corporate & Financial Regulatory

Akrivis Law - International Practice