Compliance & Advisory

Counsel a major Asian financial institution’s operations in three countries on U.S. sanctions compliance issues

Developing a Trade Compliance Program for a major global retail chain with over $1 billion annual revenue from the ground up

Counsel a U.S.-based globally active telecommunications operator on U.S. sanctions regulations

Advise U.S. corporations on reducing the risk of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) liability in the Middle East and India

Advise a major Middle Eastern food & beverage producer on the impact of U.S. sanctions laws on its overseas operations

Collaborate with a major multinational investigations company to assist a U.S. exporter in bank-mandated due diligence on potential African counterparty

Trade Enforcement & Funds Transfer Issues

Represent clients on responses to OFAC Administrative Subpoenas relating to potential violations

Secured delisting of a major distributor of western & Japanese industrial equipment in Pakistan from the U.S. BIS Entity List

Akrivis Banking & Finance Practice

Advise companies in Russia and the UAE facing difficulties processing lawful U.S. Dollar transfers through international financial institutions

Corporate & Taxation

Advise U.S. luxury housewares importer on agreements with vendors in Europe and Asia

Counsel U.S. client on joint venture with European entities for a specialized tertiary care medical center in Dubai


Advise a U.S. exporter on debt recovery in Angola

Advise individual clients on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) matters

Counsel a foreign-based client on renouncing U.S. nationality

Draft agency contracts for U.S. company’s foreign representatives